03004 – Working with Blocks

To add a Block

    • In the right Preview Pane, mouse over the Row (green border) where you want to add a new Block element

    • Then mouse over any existing Block (black border) in the Row, and click on the black Plus (+) icon at the bottom of the Block. This will open the Blocks element list in the left-sidebar menu.

    • Here you will find a variety of Blocks that you can add to your campaign pages to further customize the templates that you are working with.

To edit an existing Block

    • Click on the Block in the right Preview Pane.

The settings section for that Block will appear in the left-sidebar menu.

To move a Block to a new position

    • Mouse-over the Block > click on the Cross-hairs icon in the top-left corner of the Block and then drag it to a new position.
    • Blocks can be moved to any Row on a page.


To delete a Block

    • Mouse-over the block and click on red Trash icon to the right of the block. A confirmation pop-up will appear, simply click on OK and the block will be deleted.