11005 – Setup your Affiliate Resources

Now that the Commission Program and Affiliate Links have been setup, the final step is to add any relevant resources and marketing material your Affiliates may need to market your courses, bundles or external products.

To Setup your Affiliate Resources
  • In the Affiliate Center, scroll down to the Affiliate Resources section.
  • Click on the Plus icon (+)  to the right. 
  • A pop-up will appear then simply complete the following fields:

Give the resource a name.

Paste in the Resource URL you would like Affiliates to get access to.

Commission Program
From the drop-down, select the relevant Commission Program you would like the Affiliate Resource linked to.

Once done completing the fields, click on SAVE.
That’s it! Your first Resource Link is ready.

TIP! This Resource will only be visible in a partner’s Affiliate Portal, if they belong to the Commission Program associated with this Affiliate Resource.


Additional Options
  • To edit an existing Affiliate Resource, simply click on the Edit icon to the right of the program.
  • To delete an existing Affiliate Resource, simply click on the Delete icon to the right of the program.



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