11020 – How to Pay Your Affiliates With Paypal Mass Pay

Here is the process to pay your affiliates using Paypal Mass Pay. Remember you can pay your affiliates any way you prefer (checks, bank wire etc.) but most of the time Paypal is a preferred solution because it is so fast and easy


Mass Pay is a PayPal feature that will allow you to upload one file to Paypal and then instantly pay several affiliates. Here are the steps. Please note it might look different in your PayPal account, contact Paypal support if you need further assistance with Paypal as our team is not qualified to provide Paypal support.

  • Login to Paypal
  • Click on Pay & Get Paid
  • Click on Send Payment
  • Click on Make a Mass Payment
  • Upload a CSV file with the affiliate that should be paid. The file should have the following headers:
    Currency code
  • It should look something like this:
  • Make sure you use your affiliates Paypal email address on the file
  • Add a custom message if you want
  • Check the terms box and click on Continue
  • Paypal will now pay all the affiliates included in the file