11007 – How to Register Affiliates to your Commission Programs

Once your Commission Programs, Affiliate Links and Affiliate Resources are setup, you are now ready to start registering partners to your Programs.

To Do This:

  • You need to create a page in the Campaigns.
    In Campaigns, you may create any kind of page that you can use as the registration page for someone to join your affiliate program.
  • Edit the page, then go to Form Settings.
    Under Details tab, in the When user submits the form:, you may select your email system that is integrated to your site and then the tag or Send details to web form (Email System WebForm Code)
    In the Redirect to this page on optin:, you may select the page where the user will be redirected after they opt in.
  • In the More Options tab, enable the Register Affiliate to Commission Program and then select the commission program from the drop down.



How this works:

When someone registered, they are going to be added to your email system, registered to the affiliate program, will be one of your affiliates and listed under Manage Affiliates and they will receive a Welcome email with their login details to the Affiliate Portal.

Once logged in to the Affiliate Portal, your Affiliates will be able to update their information, track their clicks and views, as well as commission earned.

TIP: You may include in your Welcome Email that your Affiliate may update their password and PayPal Email through Affiliate Portal, click their Avatar and then select the Settings.


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