11003 – Create a Commission Program

A Commission Program defines the payment structure for a specific group of Affiliate Partners. You can create multiple Commission Programs, each with its own set of commission settings for your external products, courses or bundles. Affiliates can also be registered to more than one Commission Program at the same time.

To Setup a Commission Program
  • In the Affiliate Center, scroll down to the Affiliate Commission Program section.
    Click on the Plus icon (+) on the right hand side.

  • The Add New Commission Program pop-up will appear.
  • Simply complete the following fields:

    Give the Commission Program a name.

    You may add some information about the commission program.

    You have the option of choosing between the following 2 options for Commission Type:

    Flat Amount

    This will be displayed in the Affiliate portal.

    Level 1 Commission %:
    Add the Commission % value you would like to add to the first level of affiliate partners.
    Your members that will register to your Affiliate Registration URL will be your Level 1 or “Parent”.

    Level 2 Commission %:
    Add the Commission % value you would like to add to the second level of affiliate partners.
    Members that will register to Level 1 or parent Affiliate Registration URL will be your Level 2.

    TIP! If an affiliate sell a membership that gets charged on a monthly basis, they will also get commission each month.

    A Commission Program can have a priority value of 1, 2, 3 or more.
    With 1 being the highest priority and 3 being a lower priority for example.

    If by chance, an Affiliate belongs to two Commission Programs and both have the same course allocated, then the program with the highest priority will be the default program used when the Affiliate’s Commission is calculated.

    Add Products to Program
    Select either a Course, Bundle or External Product option from the first drop-down.
    Then select the relevant Course, Bundle or External Product you would like to allocate to this Commission Program from the second drop-down. Once done, click on Add.

    Each affiliate commission program now has it’s own custom registration webhook and cancellation webhook. This will allow you to for example register someone to a commission program when you add them to a campaign in your email system.
    + Registration Webhook
    + Cancellation Webhook

    TIP! You can add any combination of Courses, Bundles or External Products to a single Commission program.

Once done completing the fields, click on SAVE.

That’s it! Your new Commission Program will now appear in the Affiliate Center dashboard.

Additional Options
  • To edit an existing Commission Program, simply click on the Edit icon to the right of the program.
  • To delete an existing Commission Program, simply click on the Delete icon to the right of the program.


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