17004 – Academy+ App Menu Buttons

Familiarize with the available menu buttons on the Academy+ App.

To get started:
  • Home
    Your homepage is what your user will see after adding the account on the Academy+ app with their members’ login details and the App Code.
  • Notifications
    Whenever there’s a new update, the notifications will appear here. For example, if someone sent you a private message.
    There will be a red dot if you have an unread notification.
    You will also have the Mark as Read icon on the upper right hand corner (a circle with a check mark inside)
  • More (…)
    To get more options, you may tap the More () button.


+ Profile – Members can update their Profile. Update Name, Password, Avatar, About You, Forum Signature and Email Notification.


+ Messages – All the private conversations with other users will appear here.
In Private conversation, when still unread, it will show a red dot and the name of the member is in bold.
Once you’ve tapped on the person’s name, you can now view and reply to the message.

To learn more about the Messages settings, please check this article.


+ Members This option will appear if the Member Directory is enabled on your portal settings. Members of your site who have accepted to be listed will be displayed right here.
It also has a Search filter so it will be easier to search for a member.



+ Achievements If you have set up the Members’ Area Gamification, the titles, trophies and certificate will appear here.



+ Downloads The downloaded audio and video for offline viewing will appear right here.
The course logo or icon where the files downloaded from will appear first in the Downloads page.
To change the title of the downloaded files, you may check the Lesson Block video and audio settings. 


+ Search Members and admin can search Online Courses and contents in the Member’s Area using specific keywords.
Simply type in the keyword in the search box.


+ Cancel To close the More () options.