02118 – How to Mark Favorites on Courses, Pages and Lessons

This feature will allow the members and admin to mark Courses, Course Page, Social Wall, Private Chat, Live Event and Lessons as Favorites. 

Mark Favorites on Courses
  • To mark favorites on Courses, click the star icon on the top right corner of the course.
    Once clicked, the star icon becomes solid white.



Mark Favorites on Pages
  • To mark favorites on Course page, Social Wall, Private Chat and Live Event page, simply click on the page and click the star icon on the top page.  Once clicked, the star icon becomes solid black.



Mark Favorites on Lessons
  • To mark favorites on lessons, click the lesson block and click the star icon. 
  • Once lesson is marked as favorite, a black star icon will appear on the right side of the title.



To View the Favorites List
  • On your Membership site, click on your profile icon and select Favorites.
  • The Favorites List popup window will appear.
    When user clicks on one of the favorites lists, the user will be redirected to the specific course, page, or lesson block.



To Filter the Favorites List
  • You can easily search a specific Favorites you are looking for.
    Simply type in the keywords in the Filter box.
  • Users can also filter Favorites by clicking on the Favorites modal.
    Simply click on the dropdown menu and select either All Favorites, Lessons, Pages, and Courses.
    The Favorites list will be shown based on what you selected on the Filter modal.



To Remove a Lesson from Favorites List
  • Click on your Profile icon, select Favorites and click on the delete (x) button.
  • Users can remove Course favorites by simply clicking the white star icon on the course.
  • Users can remove Page favorites by selecting the page and clicking the black star icon on top of the page.
  • Users can remove Lesson favorites by opening the lesson block and clicking the black star icon.


NB! Favorites is supported on Academy app for iOS and Android.



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