02001 – How to Setup the Course Portal

The Course Portal is the dashboard your customers or members will login to, in order to access your training or the courses they purchased from you.

To setup your Course Portal / Membership Area

  • Go to Members Area and then click on the Online Courses located on the left-side corner of the page.
  • In the Online Courses dashboard, click on the ellipsis () on the upper right hand corner and then select Settings.
  • The Portal Settings pop-up will open.
  • Menu
    Here you can choose a menu based on your current Menu settings in Settings > Menu.
    The selected Menu will appear at the bottom part of your Membership Site.
    TIP: You can select a menu that’s set as a “footer menu”.
  • Member directory
    Enable member directory, by default, it is toggled OFF.
    For further instructions, proceed here.
  • Messages
    This is where the members of your site can send or receive private messages from other members.
    For further instructions, proceed here.
  • Portal Access Actions
    This allows you to apply a tag to contact if he has not accessed the member’s area in x days. For more details, please proceed here.
  • Color Customization
    Customize the colors of your Membership Site’s elements.
    For full details and guidelines, please proceed here.
  • Subscriptions
    This will let you to enable the option to allow your members to cancel their subscriptions.

Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.

View Portal

To preview how your Portal will look in the front-end, click on the ellipsis () on the upper right hand corner of the Online Courses dashboard and then select View Portal.

TIP! To locate the link for your Portal, in the preview page, simply copy the URL showing in the browser search bar.

NB! When logging in, your members will have a session set in KLEQ that will last for 24 hours. If they click on the Remember me button, this will be extended to 1 month.

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