01008a – Customize your Membership Site

Once you’re done creating your courses, you can now customize your Membership Site.
The Membership Site customization now uses our state-of-the-art page editor.

How to Customize your Membership Site

  • Go to Members Area then select Online Courses.
    Click the Ellipsis () on the upper right part and then select Home Page.
    Your Membership Site will launch in the page editor.


Working with Sections and Rows on your Membership Site
  • You can add multiple sections and rows to your membership portal just like any other pages.
  • You may also display sections and rows based on the member’s registered courses.
  • To do this, go to the Section or Row > Options > Display only if member has access to…
    You have the option to choose Any Course or select a specific course on the list.
    Click on SAVE once you are done.

    • Any Course – If this is selected the Row / Section will be displayed has access to any of the courses on your site.
    • Specific course on the list – If you select a specific course, only those members who have access on the course will be able to see the row/section.


Working with Blocks on your Membership Site

You can add any regular block type to your membership portal e.g. Image, Video, Text. However, there are two special blocks in the portal that you cannot duplicate but you can move them anywhere on the page.

These two special blocks are: Profile Avatar Block and Course Block

  • Profile Avatar Block


If you want to dynamically display the member’s first name on Membership site pages, here are the steps:

  • Click or Edit the Text Block.
  • Simply type in {{FirstName}} on the edit Text Block space and then SAVE.

That’s it! Every time they log in, they will be able to see their first name on the member’s home page.

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