2019-08-17 – Changes to System Emails

One of the most important functionalities of your KLEQ site is the ability to send emails to your members as part of their customer journey in your site. For example, being able to send an email with their login details after they purchase a course. Or sending them their details when they use the forgot password functionality. Etc etc

To be able to do this we have email servers setup to handle all websites emails and send them on your behalf. This means our email server reputation with the different email providers is extremely important to ensure your site emails get delivered. Our priority is always to try to ensure email deliverability is as close to 100% as possible.

Now, after analyzing this functionality over the past months we noticed that the way we allow the content of those transaction emails to be freely customized in the admin area could potentially impact every site using KLEQ including yours.
Indeed, we noticed that some members had customized the messages in a way that could flag them as spam by different email providers and ISP (Google, Apple, Hotmail etc).

Allowing this to continue could, therefore, impact the delivery of All members emails in the long term and is, therefore, something we need to address and fix now.

Here is the list of emails that are used to be customizable but due to the system changes, this feature is no longer available and supported:

+ Course Registration Email
+ Affiliate – Registration Email
+ Affiliate – Forgot Password Email
+ Viral Share – Registration Email
+ Viral Share – Referral Email

As a reminder, all those emails your site sends have always been designed to be simple transaction emails and not content or marketing emails.

Their goal is to deliver a specific piece of information. For example, the registration email’s goal is to provide the login details. The viral share email’s goal is to provide the share link. The forgot password email’s goal is to provide the login details. Etc etc. Nice and simple.

That is why for content / marketing based emails the correct practice is to use your own email system of choice and integrate it with your KLEQ site (MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, Ontraport, Drip etc). This allows you to easily add any contact to your email system after an action (purchase, optin, etc), apply a tag and then send them any kind of personalised email from there.

So to ensure all our sites email delivery never get affected by a few unfortunate spammy words we have therefore simplified the process and removed the ability to customize all those email messages moving forward.
Instead, these emails will use a simple template to deliver the required information and allow the member to reply to your support email address if needed.

For example, the registration email will have very simple wording letting the member know “Here are the details you need to login to the members’ area”. The email will contain the login url and their username and password. Nice and Easy.

This change will be released on Wednesday, August 21 when we release the latest new features that the team has been working on for you
Everything will remain the same and there will be no impact on your site’s ability to send these email. The emails from your site will still contain your logo, colors, and options you have setup in settings. Your members will simply receive straight forward emails from the site with the required information moving forward.

Most of you are already doing this but as a reminder, if you need to send a more customized follow up email then as mentioned the proper process is to apply a tag to the contact using our many built-in features and then setting up an email to go out as soon as the contact gets the tag. You can easily do this directly on your email system (MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, Ontraport, Drip, etc).

If you had heavily customized any of the emails messages above, please review your setup before Wednesday, August 21st and copy your message into an email that you can deliver with your email system instead.

Thank you for your understanding, ensuring your website is always performing at its best is our highest priority.


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