13027 – Web Notifications

Browser notifications are now available and built-in for your KLEQ site.

Web notifications are pop-ups that appear on your browser after you have accepted to receive them from different sites.

Our platform offers two types of notifications:
  • Automated notifications – any updates when a member gets a new comment or reply.
  • Manual notifications – broadcast notifications when you want to send your audience a message. Segment your messages, send to all members, specific members or non members (public).

Automated Notifications

In order to use automated notifications, you need to the following:

    1. Integrate your website with Firebase. Follow the steps provided on this link Integrating Firebase with your website
    2. Once you have integrated with Firebase, in the Members Area, whenever someone logs in to the Membership site, they will get the little pop up asking them to “Allow the site to send notifications”. (The interface may differ depending on the type of browser)

      If they click on Allow, they will be subscribed and will receive future notifications. For more details visit If Site User Selected “Don’t Allow” or “Block” Web Notifications


Web notifications can contain the following information:

  • A message from you as an Admin when you send a message to members.
  • An update, for example, a member left a message or post on a forum thread and someone replied.
  • A message reply from a private chat.

Customers that visit specific pages as non-registered members can also get web notifications, this is by accessing the public pages (campaign). Make sure to enable web notification on the page. You can do this by following this article Enable web notifications for a specific page

Manual Notifications

You also have the option of sending manual web notifications to either Members or Non-Members or both. Follow the steps on this article on How to send a web notification message to your audience


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