13029 – If Site User Selected “Don’t Allow” or “Block” Web Notifications

If the site users did not allow web notifications upon access on your KLEQ site, they will not receive notifications from your site.
In cases the site users want to enable web notifications, they can change it through their browser’s Permission settings (the steps may differ depending on the type of browser).


  • Click the site information icon on the left side of your browser’s address bar.

  • The site’s information will appear in a pop-up window.
    Locate the Permission settings, and clear the permission.

  • Once done, reload the page and your browser will ask if you want to allow the notification for the site again.
Browser Permission settings will vary depending on the type of browser.
However, all Permission settings are available in any browser’s settings.
Google Chrome – Click here
Mozilla FireFox – Click here
Safari – Click here


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