13026 – How to send a web notification message to your audience

You can manually send web notifications to a specific audience. The message can be send to Everybody (All), Members of your membership site, Non Members of the membership site (Public) or Members of a specific course.

Please take note that in order for the web notifications feature to work you need first to integrate your website with Firebase.
Integrating Firebase with your website


To Get Started
    • Go to Boosters and then select the Notifications.
    • In the Notifications dashboard, click on the plus sign  (+) on the upper right hand corner. 
    • The Send Notification pop up window will appear. Simply complete the following settings:
    • Notification Text – the text that will appear on push notification.
    • Target Audience – select the audience who will receive the notification.
      + All – message will be sent to both members of your membership site and non members (public pages where the web notifications feature has been enabled).
      + Members – the push notification will be sent to the members and who have access to the selected course from the drop-down.
      If Members was selected for the Audience, you can then select on which members of the course to send the message (All Course or Specific Course).
      Note: Web notifications will still be received by the user even though he is not logged in. However, it will not be received if the browser is closed.
      + Non Members – Public pages where web notifications feature has been enabled.
      Note: User will be able to receive the web notifications however, you need to ensure that the Web Push Notifications option in the Page options is enabled.
    • Action – select an action you want to complete once your push notification is clicked.
      + None – (default)
      + Open Page – you may select a page from your KLEQ site that you want the users to open when they click on the notification.
      + Open URL – you may add an external URL and it will launch on the desktop’s default browser.
      + Open App – your KLEQ Mobile App will launch.
      Note: This is only available if you have enabled the mobile app on your site.
    • After you created the message and selected the target audience with the corresponding action, click on Send.
    • You should get a message that the Push notifications will be sent shortly.
    • Schedule – You may schedule when a notification message should be sent. Simply switch the toggle ON and then select the date, time, hour, minute, second and time zone in the calendar.
      + Edit – For scheduled notifications, you may still be able to edit it.
      + Delete – If you have change your mind and wants to delete the notification, you may also click on the delete button. Then, just click on Continue on the warning pop up.
Something to remember this is not an instant messaging and audiences will not receive the message real time. The message will likely take 5-10 minutes to be sent to audiences
  • If a member logs in to the membership site the message should appear and when clicked, it should open the page you have set up on the Action > Page.

That’s it. That is how to send a manual message.


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