13016 – How to troubleshoot Purchases Checklist

Here is a handy checklist you want to use to double-check your order process is setup just right. Make sure you have done the following

  • Your Site Secure mode enabled
  • Your Stripe API keys are saved on settings
  • You have added the Stripe IPN URL on Stripe
  • Your PayPal account is connected
  • You have added the PayPal IPN URL on PayPal
  • Your Email System is integrated

Also please keep in mind the following details regarding the Stripe and PayPal systems:

  •  Single payments of $0 are NOT allowed by Stripe/PayPal.
  •  Subscriptions of $0 per month are NOT allowed by Stripe/PayPal.
  • Subscriptions of $X per month with a Trial of $0 ARE OK and will work with Stripe/PayPal.


Here are some useful guides to help you integrate Stripe, PayPal and your Email System

+ Integrate Stripe with your KLEQ site
+ Integrate PayPal with your KLEQ site
+ Integrating Infusionsoft
+ Integrating ConvertKit
+ Integrating Ontraport
+ Integrating Drip
+ Integrating Active Campaign
+ Integrating AWeber
+ Integrating MailChimp

Here is the checklist to troubleshoot the most common issues

If payments are not being processed correctly:

If members do not get registered on your site (or receive their email) after they purchase:

  • Ensure that your Email Settings is properly set.
    Go to Settings -> Global Settings -> Email Settings.
  • When using Stripe, make sure the IPN URLs is correctly added to Stripe
  • When using PayPal, make sure your IPN URL is correctly added to your PayPal Account IPN Settings.

If your buyers are not added to your email system:

  • If you use an email system we deeply integrate with then First ensure you have Integrated your email system with your site
  • Then on the order page make sure you select the tag you want your buyers to get when they are added to your email system.
    • On the order page go to Payment Settings > More Options
    • Make sure you have selected the correct tag. You must select a tag or the contact will not be added to your email system
  • If you are NOT using one of the email systems we integrate with
    • Ensure you have the correct webhook URL in Payment Settings > More Options.
    • We recommend you use a solution such as Zapier.com to make things easy.

Once you have checked that all of the above is correct and IF you still have issues then go here to learn how to report an issue with your site so that the team can have all the required information to troubleshoot the issue