14003 – Integrating Keap (former Infusionsoft) with your website

To integrate Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) with your site, all that is needed is your Infusionsoft App ID and API Key.

How to locate your App ID
  • Once logged in to Infusionsoft, take a look at your Account URL.
    At the beginning of the URL, you will find a series of numbers and letters.
  • Example – https://XXXXX.infusionsoft.com/Dashboard/userDashboard.jsp
    The XXXXX is the ID for your Infusionsoft account i.e. your App ID
  • Copy the App ID and paste it in a text doc.



How to locate your API Key
  • Click on the Profile icon at the top-right corner of the page.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on API Settings.
  • Once opened, either click on Legacy Key or scroll down at the bottom of the page Legacy API key.
  • If there is no existing Legacy API key, click on Generate Legacy Key.



Update fields in your site
  • Go back to your site
  • Click on Settings in the left-sidebar menu and then Integrations.
  • Click on the Infusionsoft toggle
  • Once open, paste your App ID and API Key in the fields provided.
  • Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.



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