08018 – How to setup a Multi Webinar

A Multi webinar allows you to offer users multiple date options to view the same Auto Webinar. Once setup, these options will be available for selection on your Auto Webinar Registration page.

To Get Started:

  • Go to Boosters in the left-sidebar menu, then select Auto Webinars.
  • To create a new Auto Webinar, click on the Plus (+) icon on the upper right hand corner.
  • The Auto Webinar settings pop-up will appear.
    Simply complete the Multi Webinar settings as follows:
  • Auto Webinar Name
    Add the name for your Webinar
  • Select Auto Webinar Type
    From the drop-down, choose Multi
  • For Time Zone:
    Select the relevant Timezone for your webinar.
  • Action
    From the drop-down, select one of the following actions:
    None | Send Webhook | Apply Infusionsoft Tag | Apply Active Campaign Tag
    Apply Drip Tag | Apply Ontraport TagThe above selection will update the Tag list available for each Time option you add to the multi webinar




Select either your integrated emailing system tag or Send Webhook.
By default, this is disabled. Once enabled, depending on what option is selected in the Action menu, a fourth option will appear in your Item/s.



Add Item

Click on the Add Item button to create your first ‘Time’ Item for your webinar.
This will open the settings fields for your first time slot.
Under Type, there are 2 options: Evergreen and Just in Time.

  • Evergreen

    The Evergreen option allows you to offer a time slot a certain number of days and hours from date the user lands on your registration page. If you choose this option the following field will appear: 
    + Add [ ] days to the current date
    Enter the number of days you want to add to the current date. This setting enables the date to change dynamically, depending on when the customer accesses the Webinar Registration page.
    + Set the start time to:
    Add a fixed time of day for the webinar to start

  • Just in Time

    The Just in Time option allows you to offer a time slot every 15min, 30min or every hour after a user lands on your registration page. If you choose this option, the following field will appear:
    + Frequency
    From the drop-down, choose either 15min, 30min or 1 hour intervals for your Multi Webinar.
    + Set Availability
    This setting allows you to limit when the Auto Webinar is run and is based on a user’s local time. To use this feature, switch the toggle on and select the relevant times from the From: and To: drop-downs.

NOTE: Once your first time item is complete, simply click on the Add Item button again to add additional time slots for your Multi Webinar. Repeat the above steps till you have all the time slots that you need.

TIP: Your time items don’t all need to be ‘Just in Time’ time slots or ‘Evergreen’ time slots. You can have a mix of both. For example, you can offer users the option to watch your webinar 15mins from now or 2 days from now. Making your webinar accessible to a broader audience.



Store the webinar date in:

Choose either Webhook URL, or your integrated emailing system custom field.

  • Webhook URL
    If you are using an emailing system other than Infusionsoft, then you can use Webhook option.We recommend the platform Zapier.com, which allows you to set up webhooks that integrate with almost any Emailing system out there. If you choose webhook, simply add the Webhook URL where you would like the date for your webinar saved.
  • Emailing System Custom Field
    If you choose the integrated emailing system custom field in your site, select the custom field you would like the date for your Webinar saved to.To create a new Custom Field, simply scroll down to the bottom of the Custom Field drop-down and select Create New Custom Field. Once saved, a new Custom Field will be created inside your Infusionsoft account.
    NB! Only Text type Custom Fields are supported by this feature.
    TIP! If you want a different custom field to the ones available in the drop-down, then you need to create that custom field in your emailing system account first.
Store the date in this format

Choose a format for how the Date & Time should be saved in your system. For example, the selected format will determine how the webinar Date & Time will be displayed in your emails to registered users.


Allow user to register again only after X days

NB! If you add the number 15 in this field, for example, we will only allow the member to re-register for the same webinar if it has been 15 days or more since the previous registration.The reason for this is, if you are making an offer in the webinar, you don’t want the registered members to go back to the webinar the next day, re-register go through the webinar again and then see the offer. The feature enables you to have a true Evergreen Webinar.

Once done, click on SAVE.

Your new Multi Webinar will now appear in the Auto Webinars dashboard.

TIP! A great new feature has been added that allows your users to select their own timezone for the next available Auto webinar.

By simply selecting the timezone for your Auto Webinar (Boosters section), a Convert to Other Timezone link is automatically added just below the date setup for the Auto Webinar registration page.



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