07027 – Send Form Info to Webhook

This feature will allow you to send data from your KLEQ site to another system through the outgoing webhook.

You will need your own way to capture the information that your site will send.

The easiest is to use a service like Zapier.com

To do this:
  • Go to Campaign.
    Go to the relevant campaign, and open or edit the relevant page. (i.e Optin Page)
  • Once opened, click on Form Settings in the left-sidebar menu.
  • In the next screen in the left-sidebar menu, enable the Send form info to webhook.
  • If you already have your Zap created, simply paste the webhook URL from Zapier. Then, click on the Test Webhook link to test it.

For more information, please refer to Webhook with Zapier.


That’s it! Just click on the SAVE button and you’re done.

How this works:
When someone enters their details and submitted the form, the information will be sent to the web form or email system that you have selected.
If you also enabled the Send form info to webhook option, the details will be sent depending on which advance app you are using.