09E002 – How to use Optin Boxes

Once your Optin Boxes are setup, you have powerful tools to build your email list on the go.

To do this:

  • Go to Boosters in the left-sidebar menu and then select Optin Boxes.
  • In the Optin Boxes dashboard you will see your list of Optin Boxes.
    To the right of these boxes, click on the View button.

    This is where the embed code for your Optin Pop Ups are listed
    i.e. the Button Embed, Link Embed and Image Embed Codes.

If you have a blog or a site with content, you can add the Optin boxes embed code into the articles or blog posts.

Once setup, when visitors access your site and click on an Optin Trigger, the KLEQ Optin pop-up will appear. If the visitor opts in, all the features enabled for that Pop-Up will begin to do it’s magic.

For example, you can register users to your Countdown Timer, an Audience, A Viral Campaign, Evergreen Launch, a specific course or even a Bundle Course.

This is a very powerful way to build your list, simply by adding Native Links to your Existing content. Native Links are really powerful in increasing your conversions.


Back in the Optin Box dashboard, you can:
  • Edit existing Optin Boxes by clicking on the Edit button to the right.
    The Optin Box are now using the new page builder technology.
    You can create any kind of Optin box with drag ‘n drop simplicity.
  • Edit the Title of existing Optin Boxes by clicking on the Pencil icon next to the Optin Box Title.
  • Duplicate existing Optin Boxes by clicking on the Duplicate button to the right.
  • Delete existing Optin Boxes by clicking on the Delete (x) button to the right.


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