17007 – Messages on iOS Academy+ App

The Messages is where the members of your site can send or receive private messages from other members using the Academy+ App on iOS device.

For more information regarding setting up the Messages on the your membership site, you may visit the Messages.

Group Chat
  • In the app, tap on the ellipsis or More () button and then select Messages.
  • The Messages window will appear.
  • To create a group chat, simply tap on the ellipsis on the upper right side in Messages and then select Create Chat.
  • Once tapped, you may now create a group message. Simply add the name of the members.
  • When you go back, the name of the users will be shown in the Messages modal.

As an admin, there will be more options in the group chat. Simply tap on the ellipsis or 3 dots on the upper right hand corner.

  • Details
    This option will allow you to edit the name and icon of the group.
  • Participants
    As an admin, you may manage the participants like adding or deleting.
  • Admins
    This feature will allow you to manage the admin.
    You may assign another member as an admin by switching the toggle ON.
    When you leave the group, the assigned admin will be managing the group moving forward.
  • Share
    This feature will allow you to share this group to another member via URL.
    You may use mail, social media platforms or messaging app to share the URL.
  • Pin
    You may pin the group.
    By pinning, you will see that it is already pinned in the Messages modal. It will always appear at the top of the modal.
  • Leave Group
    You may leave the group chat. The group will still be active after you leave.
    NB! As an admin, you cannot leave the group unless there is another admin assigned.
    You will get a warning message:
  • Delete Group
    This will delete the group chat. All messages will be deleted and all participants will be removed.
    You will get a warning message to confirm the action:

As a participant or member, these are the available options in the group chat: 

  • To copy a message, simply press and hold the bubble message itself.
    The Copy option will appear and once pressed, you will now be able to paste it somewhere or on to the text box.
  • The Edit and Remove option will only be available on participant’s own message by pressing and holding the bubble message itself.

As an Admin, these are the available options:

+ Copy
This option will allow you to copy the message.

+ Edit
This option will allow you to edit the message.
You can also add an image by tapping on the camera icon and just press on the Edit button to save the changes.

+ Remove
This option will allow you to remove a message.
There will be a pop up message confirming if you want delete the comment. If yes, press on the Ok button.




That’s it! That’s how you set up and manage the access of your members to the Messages when using an iOS device.

Block / Unblock Messages

As an Admin/Member, you have the option to block messages from a particular member.

To do this:
  • In the app, tap on the ellipsis or More () button. Then select Messages.
  • The Messages window will appear.
    Select the user that you want to block.
  • This will open your conversation with the user.
    Tap on the vertical on the upper right hand corner and then select Block
  • Once blocked, you will not be able to message this user anymore.
    To unblock, simply tap on the verticaland then select the Unblock option. 


NB! Admin can still send a message even if he is blocked.
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