09A001 – How to setup an Auto Deadline Widget

These are automated Countdown Timers that enable you to setup true Evergreen Campaigns.

To Get Started:

  • Go to Boosters, then select Auto Deadline.
  • In the Auto Deadline dashboard, click on the Plus icon (+) on the upper right hand corner.
  • Next, the Countdown Settings popup window will appear.
Complete the following fields:
  • Name
    Give your Auto Deadline Widget a name
  • Add [ ] days and [ ] hours to the current date
    If somebody registers right now, when do you want the deadline for your campaign to be? Choose the number of days (and additional hours) that should be added to user’s registration date.
  • Set the deadline to a specific time:
    To set deadline time, switch the toggle to ON and set the desired time and then select the timezone for the timer. Important to select the same timezone that you use in your other accounts or a specific deadline.
  • Store the deadline date
    To store the deadline date, switch the toggle to ON Select either webhook or the Email system you would like to store your Auto Deadline Date in. The email systems available will depend on which system you have integrated with your KLEQ site.Webhook URL

    If you use an Email System other than the ones listed in the drop-down, you can use a webhook instead. We recommend using Zapier.com, as this platform can integrate with most Email Systems currently available. Check with Zapier support for steps on how this process works.

    Once your webhook is setup, simply add it to the Webhook URL field provided.
    Under store date in this format, select the date format you would the Date and Time stored in.

    Email System Integrations supported

    From the drop-down, choose the relevant email system you are using e.g. Infusionsoft Custom Field. A new set of system-specific drop-downs will appear.
    + Infusionsoft Custom Field
    + Active Campaign Custom Field
    + Aweber Custom Field
    + Convert Kit Custom Field
    + Drip Custom Field
    + MailChimp Custom Field
    + Ontraport Custom Field

    Under Custom Field, you can now select your emailing system custom field that you would like the Auto Deadline Widget’s Date & Time sent to.

    You can also create a new Custom Field for this purpose directly from the drop-down, simply scroll down to the bottom of the Custom field list and click on Create New Field.

    Some systems will require you to first create the Custom field in your Email System, before it will be available for selection in the Custom field list.

    Under store date in this format, select the date format you would the Date and Time stored in.

    TIP! Once your Auto deadline date and time is stored in your Email System’s Custom Field, you will be able to add your Auto Deadline date to your emails and it will display in the format you choose above.

  • Allow user to register again only after X days
    Choose how many days do you want to wait, before you allow members to re-register to that specific Auto Deadline Widget.

    This protects you from users potentially going back to Optin page and attempting to re-register after close date. If users try to re-register, we will ignore the registration with the feature enabled.

Once done, click on SAVE.

That’s it, you are done! Your Auto Deadline Widget is setup and ready.



How the Auto Deadline Widget works

If you choose 4 days for your Widget for example,
when somebody registers, we will:

  • Add 4 days to the current date
  • Set the deadline to be the specific time chosen for the selected timezone
  • Write the Date & Time in the chosen format
  • Send the information to the Custom Field in Infusionsoft or the Webhook URL you provide.



Other Editing Options
  • Edit existing Widgets by clicking on the Edit (pencil) button to the right.
  • Duplicate existing Widgets by clicking on the Duplicate button to the right.
  • To check the Booster Location, you may click the (i) icon. This will show you where that particular auto deadline is being utilized.
  • Delete existing Widgets by clicking on the Delete (X) button to the right.



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