02016 – How to setup a Social Wall

The Social Wall feature allows you to interact directly with members inside your online courses. It’s a great tool to build community, get to know your customers better and get instant feedback.

To Get Started:
  • Go to Members Area in the left-sidebar menu and then select Online Courses.
  • In the next screen, click on the Course icon or Content button of the online course that you would like to add the Social Wall to.
  • In the Course Content pop-up, click on +Add New Page. Add a Name for your Social Wall, and from the drop-down, select Social Wall page.
  • Once done, click on +Add.
    Your new Social Wall page will appear at the bottom of your Course Page list.
  • Next, click on the Edit button (pencil) to customize your Social Wall.
  • Once the Page Builder is open, you will see some default Block Elements on the page i.e. a Headline, a Video and Descriptive text. These elements can be customized or removed and replaced with other block elements your prefer. For steps on how to work with Block Elements, simply go to Working with Blocks: Course Pages
  • The Header image cannot be moved but can be hidden and customized.
    Simply click on the Header placeholder and upload the image you prefer in the left-sidebar menu.
    or click Select from gallery to use image you’ve recently used on another page.
  • If you would like to keep the Social Wall in a separate space, simply create a new Course and add the Social Wall by following the steps above.


How the Social Wall works

The Social Wall functions in a similar way to Facebook Comments, in that:

  • Members can leave comments on the Social Wall by adding their text to the Comment field and then clicking on Post.
  • They can see other members’ comments and replies for the same Social Wall thread.
  • Members can reply on other members’ comments. Upon clicking reply, the user will be mentioned on the message editor.
  • Your members can edit their own reply. They can hover their mouse to the right side and the ellipsis or 3 dots will appear, simply click on it and the Edit option will appear. 
  • There is also a Like or Heart button available.
  • You may create a new private message. Hover your mouse over the name/avatar until the pop-up appears and then click on Message.
    NB: If the Members can message others option is disabled in the Page Options, the Send Message option will not appear.  For more information, you may check Managing your Social Wall Posts
  • After clicking that, you will be directed to a window to start the conversation with that person.
  • You can now start typing your message.
  • Once done, click on the Send button and the message will appear.The other person will then be able to view your message in their Inbox.
  • To share a unique URL for each social wall post, there is also a Share button.
    Upon clicking, it will open the URL box and automatically, it will be highlighted. You may simply copy and paste it in a i.e Reply or Message.
  • Admins can comment and reply on any members comments, as well as Mute or Remove comments that are not appropriate.
  • The latest comment & replies will always appear at the top of the thread.
  • When someone enters a URL on the comments, the URL will become clickable and will open in new tab upon click.
  • Admins and Members can add an Image and/or Video to their post or reply.
    + To add an image, you can use an Image URL, or upload an image directly from your computer (max. 200kb per image).
    + To add a video, simply add the video URL in the field provided. You can use self-hosted videos like Amazon S3, or embed videos hosted on the following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, MP4, Loom.
    + To add a video player automatically, you may simply insert the video URL in the comment or reply box.
    NB: For Vimeo videos, the settings should be on the “Hide from Vimeo Private on your account, but embeddable anywhere” mode.
  • Your members can mention someone on any forum thread and they will be notified.
    By typing ‘@’ then the member’s name, a popup with the member’s name will appear. Click it.

    Upon clicking the name, it will tag the member and they will be notified.
  • Admins can Pin post. Once a post is pinned, the post will always appear on top of your Social Wall.
    Click on the ellipsis or 3 dots to the right and then select Pin.
  • Quote specific text on reply.
    You may quote specific text on a comment by highlighting the text. Once highlighted, there will be a Quote option that will appear above. When you click on it, the quoted text will appear on the reply.
  • There is a Search button and this will allow the user to search for any post that is available in the Social wall page.
    Simply type in the keyword in the Search box and this will load the search results.



Social Wall Notifications
  • Social Walls include a notification system to alert you and your members when someone has replied to a comment you left on the Social Wall.
  • When members reply to your comments on the Social Wall, in the Online Course section of your site (admin area) you will see a red notification icon on the top-right corner of the course where you setup the Social Wall.
  • When the Course Content pop-up is open, you will also see the same red icon to the right of the Social Wall.
  • When you (as admin) or other members reply to a comment on the Social Wall, your members will see a red notification icon appear on their Avatar icon at the top of their Course dashboard.
  • When you are mentioned in the Social Wall, it will appear on the Profile Icon Notification and shows who have mentioned you.
  • When someone else does activity on the Social wall, even if the user is not part of the conversation but as long as he has access to that page, he will get notifications that shows the name of the user who did the action. The user will get a red badge on their avatar icon.
  • The number indicated on the red icon shows the number of comments that have been left on that page i.e. a number 5 on the icon means 5 comments have been left.
Managing Comments
  • To manage the comments left on the Social Wall, open the Page Builder for your Social Wall page
  • Once open, just below the members comments you will see two additional Admin-only options i.e. Mute and Remove.
  • Click on Mute to prevent that member from adding further comments or click on Remove to delete a member’s comment.


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