06014a – How to Sell your External Products

If you have other digital products apart from your courses, they can be marketed and sold through your site as well. Linking your external product to an order page is as simple as changing a few settings.

To Do This:

  • Go to Campaigns and then select the relevant campaign you want to work on.
  • Open the Order page you want to link your external product to.
  • If you have not added an Order page to your campaign, click on +Add New Page.
  • Give your page a name.
    From the template drop-down, select Order Pages.
    In the next screen, select the Order Page template you want.
    i.e. Order Page template (supports Stripe & PayPal)
    The page builder for that template will open immediately.
  • In Order Page (Stripe & PayPal), follow these steps:
    From the left-sidebar menu, select Payment Settings.
  • From the Give Access To drop-down, select External Product.
    Then complete the remaining settings by following these steps:
    + Working with Order or Upsell pages
    + Advanced Settings for Order pages
  • Once done, click on SAVE and your order page will be ready.



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