02004 – How to duplicate Block, Rows & Sections

The Duplicate feature in the Page Builder allows you to duplicate of all sections, rows, and blocks that you’ve set up for your campaign or course pages (sections not available).

To Do This
  • Hover over the Section, Row or Block you would like to duplicate
  • Once the border appears around that element, a yellow Duplicate button will appear in the top-right corner (next to the Delete button)

  • Simply click on the Duplicate button.
  • After a few seconds, just below the selected Section, Row or Block, an exact copy of that element will appear

Duplicated Sections

When you duplicate a Section (blue border), all the rows, blocks and relevant settings for those elements included in that Section will be duplicated.

Duplicated Rows

When you duplicate a Row (green border), all the blocks and block settings included in that row will be duplicated.

Duplicated Blocks

When you duplicate a Block (gray border), only that specific block with relevant settings will be duplicated.

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