08013 – Working with your Auto Webinar Statistics

Auto webinar pages now display Webinar statistics for a specific date range.

To View your Webinar Statistics:

  • Go to Campaigns in the left-sidebar menu.
    Select the Webinar campaign, then open the relevant Auto Webinar page.
  • In the left-sidebar menu, click on Event Statistics.
  • Once open, select the Start & End Date for your Webinar Stats.
  • Click on SEARCH.
  • The dashboard will now populate with the stats that took place during that date range:
    Attended – highlights the Total number of attendees
    Saw Offer – highlights the total number of people who saw the offer button
    Watched To The End – highlights the total number of people who stayed till the end
    Drop Off Chart – a graph will display your webinar drop off rate so you can see where most people are leaving and optimize.



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