10011 – Subscription Report

This will display all different subscriptions that you have on your website.

It will now be easier to search and manage the subscriptions.

To do this:
  • Click on Sales on the left sidebar menu then select Subscriptions.
  • In the Subscriptions dashboard, enter the Subscription Name, Email or Product Name on the filter box.
    In the Any Status drop down menu, select either Any Status, Active or Canceled then click on the SEARCH button.
    The table will be filtered.
  • In the results, you will see the Name, Email, Product Name, Cycle, Start Date, Next Bill, System, Amount, Status, Affiliates and the Cancel button.
  • ¬†When you click on the member’s name, it will open his Profile.
  • You may export the Subscriptions Report by clicking the ellipsis () on the upper right hand corner.
  • Once clicked, a CSV file will be downloaded with the following format:Name | Email | Product Name | Cycle | Start Date | Next Bill | System | Amount | Status |
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