17009 – Social Wall in iOS Academy+ App

This article will explain the available options in social wall page using the iOS Academy+ App.

The Social Wall functions in a similar way to Facebook Comments, in that:

  • Leave comments on the Social Wall by adding text to the Comment field and then tap on send button.
  • Upon pressing on the Comment button, the user will be mentioned on the message editor.
  • To copy, edit or remove own comment, simply tap and hold the message itself. The options will pop up, just select the option as needed.
    As a member, when you press and hold the message of the other member, there will be a copy option only.
    As an admin, you will have the copy, edit and remove option on every comment.
    + When you tap on the Edit option, this will bring you to the Edit Comment page. Once done editing, simply tap on the EDIT button. + When you tap on the Remove option, there will be a pop up message confirming if you want delete the comment. If yes, press on the OK button.
  • To create a new post, please tap on the + icon on the upper right hand corner.
    The text box will appear and once done, simply tap on the send button.
  • To search or reload a page, simply tap on the 3 dots on the upper right hand corner.
    The Search and Reload option will appear. + When you tap on Search, it will bring you to the Search page.
    This will allow the user to search for any post that is available in the Social wall page.
    Simply type in the keyword in the Search box and this will load the search results. + While the Reload option will just simply refresh the page.
    You may also pull down the page to refresh the content.
  • To Share the unique URL for each social wall post, simply tap on the Share button.
    Upon pressing, the available sharing app on your device will appear. There will be also a copy button that will allow you to copy the URL and paste it to i.e Comment or Message.
  • To mention someone on the comment, just type in the @ sign followed by the member’s name, a popup with the member’s name will appear. Simply tap on it.
  • To like someone’s comment, simply tap on the Like button.
  • To add an Image to post or reply, simply tap on the + icon beside the typing box. (max. 200kb per image).
    Once pressed, the Camera Roll and Take Photo options will pop up. Just select your preference.
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