09D005 – Sending Evergreen Launch Emails

When setting up an Evergreen Launch, most likely you will want to setup an Evergreen email sequence that users will receive over a period of days, once they have opted in to the Launch.

  • Each email in the sequence contains the link to the next available Launch page as it is unlocked e.g. Email 1 contains the link to Launch page 1, Email 2 contains the link to Launch page 2 etc.
  • To ensure that these user’s see the correct Navigation labels in the Launch menu, after they have clicked on the link, remember to add the User’s email to the launch page URL.
  • For example if the page is http://www.mydomainname.com/abc then they need to use http://www.mydomainname.com/abc?contactEmail=XXX where XXX is the contact’s email.
  • If you would like this value updated automatically, check with your email service’s support team for the specific Contact Email Merge field that they use.


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