02098 – Register User to an Online Course, Bundle, Forum, Forum Category and Full Access using Drip

To ensure that your site knows when purchases have been made in your Drip account, you need to setup the Purchase IPN URL.

To Do This:

  • In your site, go to Settings in the left-sidebar menu and then select Integrations.
  • Scroll down to Other Systems and then select Custom API.
  • Copy the API URL provided.



To do this:

  • Go to your Drip account.
  • Click on Workflows on the left sidebar and then select Workflows again. You may create a new one or select the workflow that you’re working with.
  • Depending on your settings, you may select the trigger like a tag applied.
  • Then click on Action, the Edit Action pop up window will appear. 
  • Under Choose an Action drop-down options, select the Send an HTTP Post.
  • After selecting, the Endpoint URL will appear.
    Simply paste the complete Registration API URL here and click on Update Action.
  • Add this parameter to the URL:
    = purchase
  • Optional Parameters:
    course_id = the ID of the Online Course (You can find this by going to “Online Courses” and the course ID is located on the bottom left of each course)
    bundle_id = the ID of the Bundle
    forum_full_access = `yes` to give full forum access
    forum_category_id = the ID of the Forum category
    send_mail = to prevent email sending add this field with value `no` (Optional, if you don’t want the user to receive the welcome email then add this name/value)
    full_access = to give full access to the course add this field with value `yes`
NB! The above steps should be repeated for each course product you set up in Drip

NB! Always add an ampersand if you’re going to add a new parameter to the URL and then an equal sign before the value.

Here are the sample URLs for each product:

Course – https://yourdomainname.com/customapi.php?secret=XYZ&type=purchase&course_id=2

Bundle – https://yourdomainname.com/customapi.php?secret=XYZ&type=purchase&bundle_id=2

Forum Full Access – https://yourdomainname.com/customapi.php?secret=XYZ&type=purchase&forum_full_access=yes

Forum Category – https://yourdomainname.com/customapi.php?secret=XYZ&type=purchase&forum_category_id=8

Full Access – https://yourdomainname.com/customapi.php?secret=XYZ&type=purchase&full_access=yes


How this works:

When somebody purchases one of your Course, Bundle, Forum, and Forum Category products, the contact will be added to the sequence. Drip will send an HTTP post to your site to notify KLEQ that the product has been purchased. Your site will then register the customer for that particular course.


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