13020 – Incoming Webhook Requests Limitation

By using Incoming Webhooks, you can now integrate KLEQ advanced features with even more systems.

However, there is a limit of 100 Requests Per Minute for any of your Incoming Webhooks.

Incoming Webhooks are the following:

The limitation is to protect your site from too many request. If in case too many requests are sent, KLEQ system will only accept the first 100 requests, and the other requests will be ignored.

Incoming Webhooks are meant to be used on a “per action basis”, and NOT recommended to be used for “mass requests”. Instead, we recommend to use the Import function in the Manage Members area.

Per Action Basis is when someone is added to a booster after an optin. Then, your webhook will send information to your KLEQ site. That is how an incoming webhook should be use.

Mass Request is when you add hundreds or thousands of your contacts from your email list to a campaign, booster, or course. This means a lot of requests will be sent to the KLEQ site. This can crash a server and generate excessive loan on resources.