02012a – How to enable the Progress Tracking feature for your courses

How the Progress Tracking feature Works
  • Gamification allows users to track their course progress by marking lessons as complete. Once a certain level is complete, they get achievements for completing a certain level.
    You can also add multiple reward levels. For example, you can reward your members when they complete 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of your course.
  • Within this feature, you also have the option of allowing your members to reset their progress, should you wish to use it.
  • Show Progress Icon on Nav Bar Pages – This feature will help you to tell the members if they have completed or not all the lessons inside the course page. 


  • When enabled, a progress bar appears on the course pages of that course.

  • When Progress reset feature is enabled for members, a reset wheel appears on the progress bar when viewing the course, which, when clicked, will reset all the progress for that particular course.

  • When Show Progress Icon on Nav Bar Pages feature is enabled for members, a progress icon will appear.

  • When all lessons are completed in a course page, the members will see the Progress Icon with a check mark.

  • The progress bar counts all the Lesson Blocks created for that course and then sets that number as the achievement total that must be completed by the user.

  • The progress bar then counts how many of the Lesson Blocks have been completed to track the users progress. This is done by the user clicking the Mark Complete button added inside each Lesson Block.

  • Once clicked, the button changes to show Completed and the Progress Bar updates to show the new number of completed Lesson Blocks.

  • Only content included in Lesson Blocks is counted towards the Progress Bar goal total.
  • When the user completes all lessons and the achievement goal has been reached, an Alert icon will appear on the user’s Avatar icon at the top of the Course page.
  • An Achievement Badge will now be added to the user’s Avatar profile.
  • To view the badge, the user should click on their Avatar icon and then select Achievements from the drop-down menu. A pop-up will appear showing the new Achievement badge.



To set up this feature:
  • Go to Members Area in the left-sidebar menu, then select Online Courses.
    Click on the Settings button of the Course you want to add Progress Tracking to.

    In the Course Settings pop-up window, click on the Progress Tracking then switch the toggle On to enable the field.
    Then, click the +Add New button.



Progress Tracking Settings

Select Value
This option will allow you to select the percentage you want your members to complete to achieve the reward.

Enable Badge Reward
Switch the toggle ON to enable the badge reward.

  • Badge Image (200px x 200px)
    KLEQ comes with a default Achievement badge already setup, however, if you would like to use a custom badge, upload an image you prefer here.

  • When uploading the image, there will be a resize tool.

Enable Milestone Celebration
If this is enabled, it will trigger a confetti animation and a message on your page once your member reaches the milestone or percentage completed selected in

Completion Action
When a user completes a course, you can choose a specific action when the Achievement badge is added to their account.

The options on this drop-down menu will depend on the current emailing system integration on your site.

    • Select one of the relevant options from the drop-down menu i.e.

      – None – no action required
      – Send Webhook
      – Apply Infusionsoft Tag
      – Apply Active Campaign Tag
      – Apply ConvertKit Tag
      – Apply Aweber Tag
      – Apply Drip Tag
      – Apply MailChimp Tag
      – Add to Flodesk Segment
      – Add to MailerLite Group

    • And then add the relevant webhook URL in the field provided or select the appropriate tag from the drop-down menu that appears below your selection.
    • Once done, click on SAVE CHANGES.

Progress Tracking will now be added to your course!

ADDITIONAL: You may use the +Add New button if you want to provide different rewards upon completing certain level,
i.e. you can now reward your members when they complete 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your course.


Completed Lessons

Once a member completed all the lessons, they will receive a badge.
To modify your badge, just go to your Online Course Settings here.
The badge will display in their Avatar and then click on the Achievements.


Members Progress bar on the home page of members area

When members log in to Member’s Area, the course access will be displayed on the page. The progress bar will also appear on the course image as shown below.


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