13002 – What’s New?

Latest Features: 15 Nov 2022

Website Updates

+ Added font weight option to the submenu block
+ Option on leaderboard block to show only members of X course
+ On carousel block to allow user to change the color of the navigation icon
+ Added breadcrumb at bottom of forum thread
+ Added icon to go back up at bottom of forum thread
+ Display the forum thread name in the notification modal
+ Added Google RE-captcha option on Order pages
+ New Display option “none” added. This shows the block on page builder but not on live pages
+ Font Shadow option added to text blocks
+ Able to change the Font size of the all Menu items when in Mobile -> Hamburger view
+ Delete button added on Assessment Results
+ Added border and other design options to carousel block
+ Added security rule to prevent the same email/IP to purchase the same product multiple times within a few minutes
+ New link type in members area that on click opens the message modal
+ Allow user to share url of a specific comment from a forum thread

+ APP – On press and hold of a social wall post display the share option
+ APP – Added a share icon on left of hamburger so user can share url of any course page
+ APP – On press and hold of message display option to reply
+ APP – user should be able to send image without text on message
+ APP – Design and navigation tweaks