06029 – Users are Registered with Pending Paypal Transaction

When a purchase is made using PayPal, PayPal will approve the purchase and the users will be redirected to your Thank You page.
The user will then be registered to your KLEQ site and will gain access to what was on sale.

However, there will be cases when users are registered to your KLEQ site while their PayPal payment is still in Pending status. As KLEQ site owner, don’t worry as this is NOT A BUG.

In some cases, PayPal will place the transaction in Pending status and will appear on your PayPal account.


As KLEQ site owner, you have 2 options:
  • (RECOMMENDED) Keep the member active on your site
  • Make the member inactive manually through your KLEQ site’s Manage Members page.


PayPal will then try to process the payment again at a later date.
The date will be indicated in the Transaction details on PayPal.

If the payment still fails, the transaction will be cancelled on PayPal and PayPal will communicate this to your KLEQ site.
This will deactivate the member for whatever he purchased (bundle, forum, or course).

You may also review other PayPal payment status here.

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