09G003 – Setting up the Viral Share Redirect Page

The Redirect page is where you will show your Referral users which page they will need to share in order to get the Referral Bonus. You will also provide them with their special share link. The redirect page can be any page you like, as long as the page template supports the Block element feature e.g. Thank You or Sales page.

To Do This:

  • Go to Campaigns and then select the campaign you want to add a Redirect page to.
    Click on + Add New Page.
  • In the next screen, give your page a name
  • Under Page Template, then select the page template you want to use
    The settings section for the page template will open.
  • In the right Preview Pane, mouse over the Row (green border) where you want to add a new Block element.
    Next, mouse over any existing Block (black border) in the Row, and click on the black PlusĀ (+) icon at the bottom of the block. This will open the Blocks element list in the left sidebar menu.
    You will find the Viral Share block at the middle of the element list.
    Once added, the Viral Share block settings will appear in the left sidebar menu.

In the Viral Share element (Preview screen) you will see:

Number of current referrals – this number will update dynamically as user gets referrals

Number of referrals required to reach goals – this number will be the goal set for that specific Viral Campaign.

Different Share icons – user can click on any of the Share icons to get their share link

Special share link – this is the share link the user will use to refer people in order to get the referral bonus.


To edit the Viral Share block
  • Click on the Viral Share element in the left-sidebar menu
    This will open the element settings
  • Under Viral Campaigns, select the viral Campaign that you just created
  • Once done, click on SAVE.

That’s it! Your Viral Campaign is setup.

If you want to email registered users and send them to pages that have the Viral Share block, we need to receive the key in order to show the Viral Share block on that page. The key is the user’s email.

In order for referral user’s emails to be picked up, “contactEmail=XXX” should be added to the end of the Thank You page Url.

e.g. http://yourwebsitename.com/[email protected]

You are going to replace the XXX with the dynamic value for the contact email.

For example, if you are using Infusionsoft, they have a merge field that allows you to dynamically insert your customers email. All Emailing systems will allow you to do that and will have their own dynamic merge field that you can use.


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