09002 – Setting up your first Audience

To Get Started:

  • Go to Boosters, then click on the Audiences.
  • In the Audiences dashboard, click on the (+) button on the upper right corner.
    The Audience setup page will pop-up.
  • Add a name for your new Audience.
  • Switch the toggle on the Action option, then select either None, Send Webhook, Apply Infusionsoft Tag, Apply Active Campaign Tag, Apply Drip Tag or Apply Ontraport Tag from the drop-down.



Integrating Audience with a Webhook

If you use an Emailing system other than Infusionsoft, select Send Webhook instead. Once selected, a Webhook URL field will be added to each of the user groups.

+ Add an outgoing Webhook URL to each User Group you would like to setup

+ If you use a service like Zapier.com, we can send the information captured from your customers, to that URL. For more info on using Zapier webhooks, you can visit www.zapier.com



Integrating Audience with your Emailing System

If you select the integrated emailing system on your site, i.e. Apply Infusionsoft Tag, an Infusionsoft Tag menu will appear under each User Group. When you click on the drop-down menu, all the tags setup in your Infusionsoft account will be available.

+ Select one of the tags you setup for your User Groups
If you don’t have User Group Tags setup yet, at the bottom of the drop-down menu you will find an option to create new tags. Simply click on Create New Tag and complete the field provided

+ Once done, the new tag will appear in the drop-down menu and then select it
When your customers submit their information, the relevant User Group tag will be added to your customers Infusionsoft profile.

TIP: You will need to first Integrate your emailing system account with your site before your the tags will appear in the drop down menu.



User Group Settings
  • Label
    Under the Label field, add a unique name for the User Group
    This will not be seen by your customers and used just for your information
  • Display Text
    add one of the Answer options
  • Webhook URL, or integrated emailing system tag
    This 3rd field will show the tag options for which ever Account you select in the Action menu above. Select the relevant tag or add the unique Webhook URL. Repeat the above steps for each User Group you want to setup.
  • Show Random Answers
    Enable this option, if you would like the answers to the Audience Question to appear randomly each time a user visits your Optin Page. If left disabled, the answers will remain static.

Once done, SAVE.



Back in the Audiences dashboard, you can:

  • Edit an existing Audience by clicking on the Edit button to the right.
  • Duplicate an existing Audience by clicking on the Duplicate button to the right.
  • To check the Booster Location, you may click the (i) icon. This will show you where that particular audience is being utilized.
  • Delete an existing Audience by clicking on the Delete button to the right.

That’s it! Your Audience is now setup.



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