07032 – How to upload your Video to Amazon S3


  • Sign in your AmazonS3 account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here.
  • Go to Services.
  • Under Storage, click S3.
  • Click the Create Bucket button on the upper right corner.
  • Give your bucket a Name. It must be a unique and “domain safe” name.
    Choose your Region.
  • Next under the Object Ownership, please select ACLs enabled. By clicking on it, by default, the Bucket owner preferred is already ticked. Just leave it as is.
  • Under Bucket settings for Block Public Access, untick the Block all public access.
    Under Turning off block all public access might result in this bucket and the objects within becoming public, tick on the box to acknowledge.
  • These are optional, you may leave them as is and click the Create bucket button.
  • The bucket is now created.
  • You may search for the bucket name using the Search bar. Click your newly created bucket.
  • Once you are in the bucket, click on the orange Upload button.
  • In the Upload page, you may either click the Add files button and select the file on your computer, OR, you may just drag and drop your file/s directly to the Upload page.
  • Once the file/s are added, select ALL the file/s, and click Permission.
  • Under Permissions, select Grant public-read access.
    Then, tick I understand the risk of granting public-access to the specified objects.
  • Scroll down and click Upload button.
  • Once upload is completed. Click your newly uploaded video.
  • Grab the Object URL.
  • TIP: To ensure that the video is uploaded correctly, you may paste the Object URL in a browser and the video should play.

That’s it! That’s how you use Amazon S3 to store your files (PDF, videos and audios).

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