09H001 – How to setup a 1-Click Optin

This feature is very useful if you want to send an email to your audience and then use the KLEQ tools to perform specific actions. For example you can…

+Segment your audience and add them to a specific list
+Add a user’s contact to Infusionsoft and then add them to different campaigns
+Register them for your Viral Share Campaign
+Automatically register users to a GoTo Webinar

This means they don’t need to register on a specific page, but simply click on the 1-Click Optin link (1 click signup) and they are immediately registered for the webinar – super powerful!

To Get Started
  • Go to Boosters in the left-sidebar menu and then select 1-Click Optin.
  • Click on the Plus (+) icon on the upper right hand corner on the 1 Click Optin dashboard to add new.



In the pop-up window that appears, complete the following fields:
Give your 1-Click optin a name

Name Parameter and Email Parameter
In most cases you won’t need to update these default settings.
However, you may need to change the Name or email parameter to something unique that your Emailing system is using. To do this, simply replace the details.
(NB! Before, the default Name parameter was set to contactName. It is now changed to contactFirstName).

Redirect to this page after they click
Under Redirection URL, select the relevant page users will be redirected to once they are registered or select Redirect to URL from the drop-down and add the relevant URL in the field provided.

In special cases there may be instances where you want users to reach the Thank You page even if their details are missing. If that is the case, enable the Allow user to reach Thank You Page if parameters are missing from URL. If you need a users details to register them, we don’t recommend enabling this option.

Allow user to reach Thank You Page if parameters are missing from URL
If either Name Parameter or Email Parameter is missing, the user will be redirected to Thank You Page instead.

Add to Email System
From the drop-down, select the action to be performed when the user submits the 1-Click Optin. The list includes:

+Send details to web form (Insert the HTML code NOT the JavaScript code from your email system)
+Add to Infusionsoft
+Add to Active Campaign
+Add to AWeber
+Add to ConvertKit
+Add to Ontraport
+Add to Drip

Enable Tools
Tick the relevant tool you would like to register the user to and then complete any additional info fields that appear below it. For example:

+Enable GoTo Webinar registration
+Send form info to webhook
+Register to Countdown Timer
+Register for Evergreen Launch
+Register to Auto Webinar
+Register to Viral Share
TIP! If you don’t want to send out a confirmation email to users after registering them to your Viral Share Campaign, simply tick the Do not send registration email feature.
+Register to Online Course
+Register to Forum
+Register to Bundle
+Register to Audience
+Register to Affiliate To Commission Program


Once done, click on SAVE.

That’s it! Your new optin will now appear in the dashboard.
In the dashboard, you can also:

  • Edit existing 1-Click Optins by clicking on the blue Edit button to the right.
  • Duplicate existing 1-Click Optins by clicking on the Duplicate button to the right.
  • Delete existing 1-Click Optins by clicking on the Delete button to the right.


Working with the 1-Click Optin URL

To begin using the 1-Click Optin, simply copy the URL provided in the dashboard
Example: http://yoursitename.com/q7j8tdmu?contactFirstName=YYY&contactEmail=XXX

NB! Before, the URL has the name parameter as contactName. It is now changed to contactFirstName. You’ll still be able to use the old URL with contactName, however, if you will create a new 1-Click Optin, it will now have the contactFirstName.

In your Emailing System you need to replace the XXX with the contact’s email and replace the YYY with the contact’s name. These values can be dynamically inserted with your Emailing System.

For example, when you send an email, these values will be pre-populated. When the user clicks on the 1-Click Optin they will be registered to the different features that you have enabled for the optin and then redirected to the Thank You page.

Working with the 1-Click Optin Url: Audience Registration

When the Register To Audiences option has been enabled, an Audience User Group parameter will be added to the end of your 1-Click optin URL. The Audience Group ID must be added manually to the URL in order to register users to a specific group i.e.

If your 1-Click optin URL looks like this

  • You will replace ZZZ with the Audience Group ID number.
  • To source these numbers go to Boosters > Audiences
  • Select the Audience you are linking the 1-Click Optin to.
  • Then copy over the Group ID for a specific group.
  • If you have setup 3 groups for example, then you will need a 1-Click optin URL per group.

For more information on Audiences simply go to: Audiences Tools