07004 – How to redirect a page using Page Options

If you want to redirect users trying to visit a page, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to Campaigns, then select the relevant Campaign and page you want to modify.
  • Once opened, click on Page Options from the left-sidebar menu.
  • Click on the More Options and then switch the toggle on Redirect Page.
  • Select Page Type will be the default. Select the page you would like users to be redirected to.Delay: you can select the preferred time delay for the redirect.
    You can choose Instantly, After 3 seconds, After 5 seconds, After 10 seconds, After this date, or After this auto deadline.

    After this date – upon select, Time option will appear. Allowing you to select the exact date, time, and time zone for the redirect to trigger.

    After this auto deadline – allows you to set the page redirect based on the selected Auto Deadline. To setup an Auto deadline, click here.

    Pass URL parameters to next URL – When a user is redirected to the page that you have set up, you may pass the URL parameters to the next page. Simply switch the toggle on.

    Add Audience Segmentation – if you enabled this and selected the audience booster you have created, you can redirect users to different pages based on the audience group they belong to.
    Under Link, you can choose the page to redirect users to (e.g. campaign, course, blog, and custom URL). For more information, you may check the Audience booster.

  • Once done, click on SAVE.

That’s it! Now when users attempt to access that page, they will be redirected to the page selected above, based on the Delay option and audience chosen.