02109 – How to Pass the Members Details to the next course page

This feature will allow you to pass your members’ details to the next page.

For example, give access to special discounts on Order Pages exclusively accessible by your members.

To do this
  • Go to Members Area in the left-sidebar menu and then click on Online Courses.
  • Open the relevant course by clicking the Content (paper icon).
  • It will show you the pages you have for that specific course, choose the one that you would like to edit by clicking the Edit (pencil icon) to the right.
  • The Page builder for the Course Page will open immediately.
  • Click the Button or Image block in the page preview.
  • In the left sidebar panel, go to Link , select the page type, and enable the option Pass member details.
  • TIP: Pass member details is not available on Optin Boxes page type.

  • Click on SAVE.

That’s it, you are done. Every time the Button or Image is clicked by your members, their details will be passed to the next page.