11015 – How to Create an Affiliate Manually

You now have the ability to create an affiliate on your site manually.

To do this:

  • Go to Affiliates and then select Manage Affiliates.
  • In Manage Affiliates dashboard, click on the Plus (+) icon on the upper right hand corner.
  • The Add Affiliate pop up window will appear.
    Simply fill out the information.

+ Status – Select the status of the affiliate either Active or Inactive.

+ PayPal EmailIf you have your affiliates’ PayPal email address, you may enter them here.

+ Registration Date – Enter the registration date by selecting the date on the calendar.

+ Parent – If the affiliate has a parent, simply click the down-down arrow to see the name of your affiliates and select the name of the parent.

+ Affiliate Commission ProgramsSelect the program that they should belong to by clicking the drop-down arrow. Then, simply click the + Add button.

That’s it! Click the SAVE button and you’re done.


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