10005b – How to change the price of an existing subscription on Stripe and PayPal

You can change the price of an existing subscription by logging into the payment system associated with it.


  • Go to Pay & Get Paid then click on Subscriptions under Accept Payments.
  • Select Subscriptions from the submenu and choose the subscription you want to edit by clicking on it’s ID.
  • In the Billing section, click on Update
  • On the popup, make the changes on the price and make sure to click on Save Updates. You are good to go!




  • Search for a specific user then click on the user’s subscription.
  • Click on the Update subscription button.
  • Remove the old product by clicking the ellipsis or 3 dots then Remove product.
  • Select another product create a new one by selecting Add product.
  • Click on Update Subscription button and you are done!




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