02041 – How to add new item to a bundle

This article is about adding a new item (online course and/or forum access) to an existing bundle.

To Get Started
  • Go to Members Area in the left-sidebar menu, then select Bundles.
  • In the Bundle dashboard, look for the Bundle you want to update and click on the Edit button.
  • In the course drop-down, you should see a list of courses, forum full access, forum categories and external products you have already created.
  • Select the course, forum or external product you want to include in the bundle from the drop-down then click + Add.
    The selection you just made will appear listed in the Pop-up window.
  • Repeat this step, for each option you want to include in the bundle
  • Once done, click on SAVE.

That’s it, you have added a new item on a bundle.

Once new courses/forum access has been added to an existing bundle, all existing bundle users will get access to all newly added courses/forum automatically.


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