02072 – Create Assessments for your Online Courses

You may add assessments to your online courses. This will allow you to offer tests to check your members’ knowledge or use it to reward your members for completing your training.

To Get Started
  • Go to Members Area and the select Assessment.
  • In the Assessments dashboard, click the Plus (+) icon on the upper right side corner.
    Assessment Settings window will pop up.
  • In the Assessment Settings, you may select either Automated Assessment or Manual Assessment.


Type of Assessment

  • Automated Assessment – the system will score your members’ assessments automatically.
  • Manual Assessment – you will score your members’ assessments manually.


In the Assessment Settings window, select the type of Assessment you want to create.
Then, click Next.
Additional Assessment settings will appear on the screen.


Add a label to your assessment.

Passing Grade

You can choose what’s the required number of correct answers for a student to pass the assessment. You can choose from 50%-100% from the drop-down menu.

Welcome Screen

Add the text in Intro Text field, and it will appear on your Assessment block upon click.

  • Click the Add Question button to add question/s to your assessment.
  • Once clicked, you will have options depending on the type of Assessment.

+ Multiple Answer – your users can select multiple answers.
+ Single Answer – basically setting just one correct answer.
+ Custom Area – (available for manual assessment only) the users will be able to enter their custom answer here.

  • Add your question in the Question Text field, and add answers by clicking the Add Answer button.
  • Once you have added all the possible answers to your question, select the correct answer/s.
    You can do this by clicking the small answer button at the right side of your answer.
    Green button means that is the correct answer.
    Red button means the incorrect answer.


Finish Assessment Screen

You can add your final message to your users upon completion of the Assessment.

Goal Completion Action

You can select and apply a Tag after completing the assessment.
This will be based on the email system you selected in Goal Completion Action drop-down menu.

Once you’re done, click SAVE.

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