06018 – Stripe Cancellation: De-Activate User from An Online Course

Payments & Orders processed through Stripe Only

When somebody cancels a purchase and asks for a refund, you will refund the purchase in Stripe. Once processed, the user’s access to that online course will be made inactive automatically.

Payments & Orders processed through Stripe & Infusionsoft

If you are processing your payments through Stripe, but managing user’s orders through Infusionsoft, then follow these steps to process online course refunds and cancellations.

  • Refund the user’s payment in Stripe
    The user will automatically be de-activated for that course in KLEQ
  • Next, process a refund for the order in InfusionSoft.
    Since Infusionsoft orders are done manually with this particular combined setup, the Infusionsoft refund will also be a manual process. This will ensure your reporting is correct.
  • You can apply any Cancellation tag you prefer to the user’s profile.
  • In this instance, it is not necessary to send the HTTP Post to the Cancellation IPN in KLEQ, since Stripe already took care of this step.

That’s it! The refund has been processed.