13043 – Can the team restore a page, campaign, course or other items that have been accidentally deleted?

Please be careful before deleting anything on your site because once deleted the item cannot be restored.

As a safety mechanism, every time you delete something, a red pop up will appear warning you and reminding you that deleting the item is final and cannot be restored.

If you do delete something by mistake then unfortunately, the only way for you to restore it will be to re-create it manually.

In urgent situations, if absolutely required, the development team can however assist you in recovering your lost data by performing a full website restore from the latest daily back up.

As you can imagine, doing so requires a lot of time and attention for the team to do so. Furthermore, it also takes them away from their existing tasks they are currently working on.

Because of that, if you do require an emergency backup restore to be performed please note that a $100 USD service fee will be charged to your credit card on file.

Please contact the support team if you required a database backup restore.

Once they receive your request they will ask you to confirm that you agree to the charge. Once your agreement has been received, the restore will be scheduled with the development team.

Please note that doing a restore means that your site and all its data / content will be reverted to the last daily back up available. Therefore anything new that happened since the back up will not be available.

Please consider this before making the request.