13038 – How to use Live Chat Support

Contacting our KLEQ Support is quite easy and hassle-free. One way is through our Live Chat Support. This is a real-time support application that provides you with immediate support and information.

Accessing the Live Chat Support

    • In your KLEQ Dashboard, click the I’m Online Need Help? button in the lower- right corner of the page.
    • Introduce yourself by putting your name and email address. Then, enter your initial message or question/s.
    • Once done, click Start Chatting.

    • Our KLEQ Support Agent will accept your chat, and you will hear a single beep. You will also hear the same beep once our KLEQ agent replied to your chat messages.

    NOTE: If there are no available Support Agents, you will see the Leave a Message option. Feel free to still submit your request for help, as our Support team will reply to your message via email.

    Live Chat Support Windows Interface

    The 4 buttons in the upper right corner are the following:

    • Open in a new window – opens the chat support in a separate window of your browser.
    • Minimize button – minimizes the chat window
    • Thumbs Up – this will rate the chat “good”. After clicking this, you will have an option to leave a comment.
    • Thumbs Down – this will rate the chat “bad”. After clicking this, you will have an option to leave a comment.


    In the bottom left corner of the chat window, you will see the Options link.

    Clicking Options will show a popup window with several settings and options.

    • Sound – enable / disable the sound of the chat window
    • About – detailed information of the Live Chat support platform.
    • Send a File – allows you to send a file to the Support agent. You can use this one to send screenshots/images or video files.
    • Email Transcript – allows you to send the Chat Transcript to your email address.
    • End This Chat button – will allow you to end the chat session. Upon clicking, a confirmation popup will appear to confirm if you want to end the chat session or not.
    • Clicking the link “Hi, your name” will allow you to change or edit your name and email, OR, sign out from the chat window.

    Once you ended the chat session, you will be redirected to another screen. In this screen, you can rate the chat if it’s “Good” or “Bad”. You can also leave a comment. Once you’re done with your ratings and comment, you can click Send. If you don’t want to rate the chat or leave a comment, you can click the Skip button.