06017 – How to Use InfusionSoft Affiliate tracking

To support The InfusionSoft affiliate system, your site must receive the affiliate ID in the URL when someone lands on the page.

To do this is very simple, but you need to setup your InfusionSoft Referral links the right way. Here is how:

  • If your web page is http://www.domainname.com/abc then when setting up your referral link in infusionsoft you need to instead use:
  • You will replace XXX with your InfusionSoft App ID, which you can find in the URL of your browser when you login to your InfusionSoft account (it is the combination of letters and numbers before infusionsoft.com).

That’s it! When one of your affiliates uses that referral link to promote your offer, your site will receive the correct information and the affiliate ID will be sent to InfusionSoft when someone purchases your online course using an Order page.

Note: If you need help setting up your referral link in InfusionSoft, contact InfusionSoft support team directly via email or live chat.