17012 – How to opt in or out of Push Notifications by Course on Academy+ App

There is an option called APP notifications, this allows the user to enable ALL notifications from the specific site.

If this option is enabled there is another option that appears called Custom App Notifications where user can Manage custom notifications on each course.

To do this:

  • Go to App Home page and then tap on More.
  • Then select Profile.
  • Scroll down a bit to see the App Notifications.
  • When enabled, there’s another option that will be available, Custom App Notifications.
  • To custom the app notifications, simply enable the option and then enable/disable the notifications from a specific course.

This affect notifications from ACTIONS that happen inside that course. For example if there is a course comment or social wall or private chat inside that course. For more information, please check Mobile App Notifications.

This does not affect Broadcast messages that the admin user sends using the Admin > Booster > Notification.

These will be sent and received to the selected members on web and app.


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