04006 – How to Duplicate a Page

If you would like to duplicate a page you have already setup in one of your campaigns, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the campaign where the page you want to duplicate is located.
  • Click on the Duplicate icon to duplicate the page.
  • The page will be duplicated and the page builder will launch.
    You can edit the page and make any changes as normal.
  • (Optional) If you also want to move the page to another campaign, simply click on page options and select the other campaign in the campaign drop-down.
  • Click SAVE if you are changing campaign.
  • Once you click on the back button, you’ll return to the campaign view.
  • (Optional) If you moved your page to another campaign, you will see the duplicated page on its list.

TIP!  Hover your cursor on the action buttons to show the title tooltips in the campaign page.