13037 – How to create an anchor link – a link that goes to a section of page

This article will help you with linking elements that go to a portion of the same page (Course or Campaign). You can anchor link either to a button and image or even a text to any section or part of a page.

To do this

  • Click on Edit to open the page builder.
  • Take note of the page URL.
  • Click on either a section, row, or block you want users to reach on click.
  • Look at the Options on the left side menu and take note of the Element id displayed.
    The example below is the logo at the top right
  • Then, go ahead and edit the element that you want the users to click to be able to reach a specific portion of the page. Normally the element is either a button, image, or text (using hyperlink)
  • Click on it and go to Link on the left-side panel (for button and image) or hypertext for text
  • Select custom URL and then insert the page URL and #xyz where XYZ is the element ID you have noted earlier.
    e.g https://www.domainname.com/slug_URL#xyz
  • Note you can either add the entire URL starting with the HTTPS: or simply add # and the element ID instead like #xyz, both work fine. See the screenshot below.


Here is how it should look like.