11019 – How to create an affiliate link associated to a specific affiliate

This article will show you how to create a custom affiliate link unique to a specific affiliate.



To do this:

  • Go to Affiliates and then select Affiliate Center.
  • Scroll to Affiliate Links
    Click on the Plus (+) button.
  • This should open the Add a New Affiliate Link modal window.
  • Similar to creating a regular affiliate link:
    + Give a Name for the affiliate link
    + Select a Destination Page.
    + For Attach To instead of selecting the Affiliate Commission Program, choose Specific Affiliate
    Under Affiliate, select the specific Affiliate’s name.
  • Then, click on SAVE button.



When an affiliate logs in to the Affiliate’s Portal. They will see the affiliate links for their Affiliate Commission Program but as well as the Custom Links at the bottom. All the unique links that are only available for that specific affiliate will be displayed here.



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